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This Wiki is dedicated to the massively multiplayer online role-playing game called Lucent Heart. Please feel free to browse the Wikipedia for information regarding the game. We currently have a total of articles in this wiki, please submit any information you may have about the game. Inspired by the Zodiac System Birth signs , a special Horoscope system is in place which your Zodiac Sign influences the abilities that your character has. Lucent Heart is mostly notorious for its Matchmaking System in where you work with Cupid the God of Love to meet people along the way and develop relationships in that hope of finding a “Soul Mate. At the start of the game you start as a Beginner but are quickly given the choice between Warrior and Mage at level 4. Lastly, when reaching level 36 you have 8 total choices, 2 stemming from each of the level 10 classes.

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Please see our walkthrough on how you can try manually installing. Want to Become an Advocate? Here are the instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Sign In. Interact with friends, find love, and explore the world of Acadia — all for free! The Zodiac System extends throughout the game, affecting everything from combat to character emotions, creating an experience like never before.

Today Lucent Heart, the zodiac inspired free to play MMO from leading publisher Gamania, has launched its new ‘Zodiac Matchmaker’ app on.

February 22, Gamania Digital Entertainment announced today that Lucent Heart has married its first couple in-game. Having recently completed its second sneak peek beta, Lucent Heart has seen tremendous activity as players raced to try out the virtual matchmaking system. Even with limited playtime available, hundreds of couples were matched, relationships were formed, and for the first time, a couple was married.

In Lucent Heart , couples are brought together by the matchmaker, Cupid. Once they are matched they get to build their relationship through questing, quizzes, and adventuring with each other throughout the game. Marriage takes a strong commitment, as a couple must invest enough time together to reach the required Cupid Level, along with raising enough money to fund the wedding.

Gamania would like to congratulate its first married couple, Chikane and Tsuki. Through their own dedication, along with support from their guild and friends, Chikane and Tsuki are the first couple to fully realize the matchmaking potential of Lucent Heart. What really left a great impression was the help and support of our Guild, Myriad, said Chikane.

Matchmaking MMO ‘Lucent Heart’ Takes Dating Outside the Game with Dating Site for Gamers

Software Hub. Hardware Hardware. Community Hub. Whether players decide to search for ancient treasures or dance the night dating in Thereall City square, a magical and action-packed journey is no less than expected in the lands of Acadia.

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Lucent Heart Open Beta Item Giveaway

Much of the game takes place in a universe with Zodiac gods and goddesses going at each other where the players are pulled into the fray and need to work together to get jobs done and protect good citizens. The game presents an extensive soul-mate system that allows players to pair up with others and receive boons for questing and raiding together. It also delivers a specialized crafting system where players can make important in-game items from resources gathered from questing with a soul mate.

The entire system is fueled by a cupid matchfinder that helps put people together. Select Reviews Edited for Presentation. I’d have to admit it was so much fun that i was once addicted to it.

Actually, it is a kissing MMOG, sort of. style=”font-style: italic;”>Lucent Heart uses a unique matchmaking and dating system that rewards players.

The game features bright anime-inspired graphics and encourages social interaction and relationship building through its soulmate system. The game places a strong emphasis on the Zodiac symbols and has a built-in matchmaking and dating system. With the Zodiac System, a player’s birthday plays a key role in their character. Those with the Taurus zodiac, for example, have stats that make them ideal Priests. Players start off as Beginners in Lucent Heart and can choose their starting class at level 4 after completing some beginner newbie quests.

The job advancements in Lucent Hearts are listed above with a total of 8 playable classes upon reaching level Full Review. System Requirements. Additional Info. The game originally launched in the U. Despite its lack of success in the West, the game has been profitable for Gamania in Japan.


Thanks for your help in getting this game selected for distribution via Steam. More information including a link to the Steam store page can be found below. We are so happy to announce that Lucent Heart Version 9 is now available. There are a TON of new contents for the game which are, a tiny glimpse on the new contents are: 1 New map big location expansions such as Muse Garden, Cloud Castle, and Death’s Boundary.

In Lucent Heart, couples are brought together by the matchmaker, Cupid. Once they are matched they get to build their relationship through.

The MMO will offer classic RPG elements including advanced classes, a complex zodiac system, bosses, dungeons, pets, and mounts. To spread the love, Gamania Digital Entertainment is holding a large-scale contest to find its next big star — the official Lucent Heart Girl. Any enthusiastic female looking to make her claim-to-fame should apply.

The winner receives a big cash prize, incredible modeling opportunities, exciting press coverage, and the honor of representing Lucent Heart for its North American launch. Discover each other through an extensive array of matchmaking features and special date dungeons. Players can look forward to a unique experience every day.

Explore dungeons and labyrinths, take down bosses with friends, pets, and mounts — all of the fantasy RPG fun players know and love. Hopeless romantics and battle-hardened warriors alike will soon get a sneak peek of the magical world of Acadia. Stay tuned for detailed sign-up information in November. Until then, keep an open heart and check out www. Dreaming of a chance to be in the spotlight? Submit a photo of yourself while holding up a hand-written sign with your first name and last initial or write your first name and last initial on your hand.

Find us on. Gamania also publishes Hero Online.

Lucent Heart Launches New Facebook Zodiac Matchmaker App

So… This is.. My 3rd day playing? Yeah, probably.

ACTIVE ] Lucent Heart’s open beta test kicked off earlier this month and to The Cupid System; An extensive matchmaking system to help.

Invited to try out the game, I decided to do sort of a full report of my adventure during the initial levels. Do note that the game is not even in Closed Beta yet, some features will change throughout the launch preparation process. Character creation is a simple affair, with the standard options of the facial look, hairstyle and hair color. Upon entering the D. For example, those under the Taurus sign, have natural abilities leaning towards a Priest class. When entering the inventory or cash shop the first time upon logging into the game, players will be prompted for a password.

This will be the password set when creating your character. There is a Gift Box given to aid players, and it can be opened upon reaching every new level, providing equipments, potions etc. The navigation here is pretty convenient too, as there is auto-path to all NPCs and quest related mobs. However, the system is not without its minor flaws. We will talk about the cons down below.

The horoscope system, which can be seen in-game here. Players will get their first taste of instanced dungeon when doing their first class change quest at level Although a Taurus is more suitable to be a Priest, I decided to go with a unique Phalanx Archer anyway, a mixture of a warrior and a rifleman.

Lucent Heart Confirms May 12th BFF Beta

Lucent Heart wallpapers. Lucent Heart screenshots. Lucent Heart videos. Free to play Games. Interact with friends, find love, and explore the world of Acadia. Not because you are descended from some legendary hero or have innumerable fortunes or godly abilities, but because you possess a heart so pure and so courageous, your inner light gives you strength against the darkness.

Lucent Heart is a Zodiac-inspired MMORPG with an emphasis on social Use the Cupid Matchmaking Service to assist you in finding your “soul mate”, which.

Whether players decide to search for ancient treasures or dance the night away in Thereall City square, a magical and action-packed journey is no less than expected in the lands of Acadia. The Open Beta event will be host to a slew of new content such as new zones and dungeons to explore, new threats to face, new weapons and armor to obtain, but most of all, the highly coveted player housing! Players will be able to acquire their own in-game houses that are fully customizable, sociable and constantly evolving Housing System The new player housing feature allows players to fully customize a room of their own.

This customization includes things such as furnishing, wallpaper and even lighting. Players will also be able to create their own treasure hunt games in their houses and compete in teams with their friends for rewards and high scores! Faith System Players will also be able to explore a new feature called the Faith System. This is similar to the current Astrolabe Tree system found in Lucent Heart in the sense that you are able to learn new abilities that cater to either light or darkness.

In order to activate those skills players must acquire either Light or Dark Faith Points by performing tasks for Theia and Cadena. Will players travel the path of light or the road of darkness? Yes sometimes it gets laggy but it is a fun game overrall. The reason i got Lucent Heart was to find something i could play with friends. I even made more friends through Lucent Heart!

I love how its linked to our Zodiac signs too!! It is so cool using Dance Show to dance and that you can have people dance along with you.

Lucent Heart brings MMO dating to North America

More details after the jump. Players will experience the wonders of the Horoscope System, endowing upon them a daily fortune and giving them access to awesome Zodiac skills and armor. Players will use the incredible Cupid System to seamlessly find a perfect match, go on thrilling dates in unique locations such as special date dungeons, and discover each other through a whole new level of interactivity.

For those who are bored by traditional matchmaking services, who want more interaction than just a chat room, and enjoy a quality role playing game, Lucent Heart is just the love potion they need.

Optional pets and companions for players. A highly social MMO experience with a cupid matchmaking system. “Soul mates” can use an in-game marriage system​.

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Lucent Heart – Looking for Love… Again! (Dating MMORPG)