10 Reasons Why It Is Awesome to Have a Bong Boyfriend

An everlasting zest for life, unfathomably witty, affectionate and open-minded! They are simply the best! Here are our reasons why you should date a Bong girl. Have you ever wondered what would your life be like if you were served the most lip-smacking meals every bloody single day? If you ever dreamt of dating a girl who already has the coolest nickname, look no further. If there ever was a particular group of women for whom Sarees were created, it is Bengali women.

Bong girl and Punjabi guy: Why they make the best combo ever?

It is an awesome example of that opposites attract concept. Yes, they are not 2 different but actually 2 opposite cultures. We Punjabis are basically the business class. On the contrary, bongs prefer to study and desire for government jobs.

Proud, passionate and independent – that’s the universal definition of a Bengali girl! Know the 15 Reasons Why It’s Amazing To Date A Bong.

Why not? She is independent. She has a english and stands on man. Her talks, gifts, and opinions are gonna dating up your relationship. And if you get hitched by a Bong girl, you marrying have rituals and grandeur of a Bengali english. One to remember forever. The Social Monk. News Vilas Patil.

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50 reasons a Bong girl will not marry you. She has pretty cool parents: Family is a priority for a bong girl and for good reason; their perks are usually super latest.

Bengalis, commonly known as Bongs, are prominent for many things. They are fun-loving, intense, politically motivated, and humorous too. All communities and cultures have their good and bad points. It is the same for Bengalis. Being a proud Bengali myself, and having observed my own Bong boyfriend and Bong boyfriends of my friends as well, I have come across several common traits possessed by them all.

Bengali guys are special in their own cute ways. He is neither muscular like the rowdy Punjabi guys nor extremely witty as the Tamilian boys, but Bong guys are filled with all the righteousness and perfectness in between. No matter if he is physically not very strong, still he will always try to make you feel safe in his company. Ask any girl and she will want her guy to be liberal and understanding. Bengali guys have been stereotyped in movies and soaps as being extremely traditional, boring and old-worldly.

But in today’s scenario its far from reality. Bengali guys are very liberal, I can vouch for that my boyfriend is very liberal. You can plan your trip to an unknown location and he will genuinely be eager about visiting that place. And if you are lucky enough, he might actually tell you the culture, tradition, and history of that place.

Spotlight: 5 Benefits of Using a Bong

There are a ton of lists out there on the reasons you should date a Bengali girl. They include comic points like our sexy eyes, our incredible intelligence, the fact that Bipasha Basu is one of us, et cetera. Since I am of average intelligence, have the puffiest eyes in the world, and look nothing like Bipasha, I would just like to call bullshit.

This is because Bengali girls are not an exotic entity people can just fetishise. We are overeating bookworms who get ear infections from listening to music through headphones throughout the year. We yell too much, are way too liberated for a north Indian social setup, and have no time for sexism.

10 Reasons Why It Is Amazing To Date A Northeast Girl. Why not? She is independent. She has a english and stands on man. Her talks, gifts, and opinions are.

She expects you to write poetry about her eyes. All expressions of love must be accompanied by Tagore in his various moods. And if you can compare her to a Tagore heroine, even better. Her English is better than yours. And she will never let you forget it. She will fight with you but treasure all signs of being married to you. In private they snub, in public they idolise to an uncomfortable degree.

10 Reasons Why It Is Amazing To Date A Northeast Girl

She has pretty cool parents: Family is a priority for a bong girl and for good reason; their perks are usually super latest and lenient. Most of the bong perks look pretty close with their daughters and are not very hard to please as well. It can be a little difficult to marrying the moms though. She is a foodie: Being a matchmaking-lover to the app is just a bong thing.

Nate grinned into the opening at the top of his new bong. Subject: thinking of u Date: Wednesday, February 19, PM Natie Baby, Only two more days until I.

So much about Bengali men is about food. A significant number of contemporary Bengali men, unlike their forefathers, condemn fish. Excepting ilish, for the men love it too. Since they love ilish, they will not care if others do so as well. Love makes them blind. The men will have the best peti belly piece , for they say they are afraid of the kaantas, fishbones. Ilish abounds in them, which makes it a challenge. Women, at some point in their life, learn to tackle the kaantas, but confronting them able-bodied men become bashful and tremble.

It pays off. Women are left to work their way through the thick-with-bones gaada pieces and men just sit back and allow the ilish to work on them. Eventually, the women get to liking chewing the bones and they are considered sexy while they are at it — remember the photographer-lover looking at Paroma in the film of the same name? You see it rhymes, which is not a coincidence. Ilish is poetry — and Bengali men have exclusive rights over both. A similar Powerpoint presentation will explain why the leg piece of the chicken is also reserved for the man at the table.

50 reasons – not to marry a bengali guy!

Confident, Agile and Gorgeous, all in one is how we can best define a south Indian chick. South Indian girls are so easy to please that even a book can do the trick and will help to bring sparkle in their eyes. They are always independent and self-reliant and I can bet on the fact that they will never be the clingy girlfriend you feared of being tied to. There can never be a boring moment with them around for they love to talk and can spin tales effortlessly.

It is a bilingual dictionary with English to Bangla and Bangla to English Meaning which works completely offline. If you are reading EBook/PDF/Internet pages etc​.

They are fun loving, intense, politically motivated and humorous too. All communities and cultures have their good and bad points. It is the same for Bengalis. But it is a universally acceptable fact that Bengali men make very good husbands. However, you have to thank generations of strong willed Bengali women for training them so well. They have given you many reasons to marry Bong guys. Marrying a Bengali man can come with some unprecedented benefits. So if you are dating a Bong guy, our heartfelt advice would be hold on to him.

The reasons to marry Bong guys are very real and practical for most women. Firstly, Bengalis are a community that gives total freedom to their women so you will always have the upper hand. Besides, Bong guys have some qualities that most other men lack. For example, a good literary taste that is so rare among men. Some of these reasons to marry a Bong guy may seem very funny and silly to you.

However, each one to his own is all we can say.

4:20 bongs & fckn awesome pieces!

Now I know why all Bong girls friendzoned me during the 4 years I spent in Kokata. Actually, rui and katla are easy to know apart. It likes rui vs.

Kolkata dating guide advises how to pick up Indian girls and how to hookup with If you are trying to woo a Bengali girl, drop in the tidbit about Both the methods of approaching girls have their own sets of advantages and.

Among the many states in India, Kerala and West Bengal are called sisters because they share so much in common. Aside from sharing the same political ideologies, the two states even have similar cultural beliefs and traditions. Perhaps this is why no one is surprised when a Malayali man falls in love with a Bengali woman.

Here are six common habits they share once their eyes meet. Imagine how happy it makes a mallu man when his partner knows all about eating vegetables like banana flower, raw banana and banana pith. Most people are so ignorant about cooking bananas in so many different ways. They both worship realism in their films. Bollywood is for sisses. They will never fight about watching the Champions Trophy when the FA cup is taking place at the same time. A couple who watches the same game stays forever in the same place.

This is a big win for Bengali women when they meet their twin flame. Bengali women are considered as the goddess Kali at home while Malyali men, born in matrilineal families, know how to respect a strong minded woman. Video: This Muslim preacher tells men that wives are like farms and they can be entered as you please. Victim of false expectation!


Beauty is a sense of perception. Differs from person to person. It contains many qualities other than just the facial beauty.

Being a Bengali guy, brought up in Kolkata suburbs, I can say that Bengali girls are one of the most beautiful creations of God. In this article, I am going to talk.

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